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SADS UK Defibrillators in Schools Campaign reaches twenty five million people

December 10, 2019

The Cardiac charity SADS UK's Big Shock campaign alerted parents to how few schools have defibrillators(potentially lifesaving equipment) in place.
Although there are as many as 270 sudden cardiac arrests in British schools each year, there is no requirement for defibrillators to be kept on their premises and the charity is urging Government to pass a law to ensure schools have defibrillators in place. 
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If a defibrillator is used immediately to restart the heart after cardiac arrest there is a much better chance of survival. The automated defibrillator is a small portable device, simple to use and wont give a defibrillation shock unless the victim needs this therapy to start their heart.
Speaking with newspapers, radio and TV, Anne Jolly, Founder of SADS UK says,
"It is impossible to place a value on a child's life and it is imperative that all schools have access to an AED to prevent some of these potentially avoidable deaths.

For the cost of a computer, we call for the government to state that an AED should be present in all schools to prevent some of the 250 lives lost each day to sudden cardiac arrest.

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