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Chief Coroner’s Fifth Annual Report to the Lord Chancellor: Written statement - HCWS1183 Report of the Chief Coroner to the Lord Chancellor and link to

Welsh Assembly Statement of Opinion. OPIN-2009-0108 - SADS UK- Help Save Lives

"This Assembly congratulates SADS UK, the cardiac charity, for providing heart monitors and defibrillators in the community to prevent sudden cardiac death;

Encourages Members to support SADS UK in their aims to place Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and training in all schools across Wales in order that pupils, staff and other personnel can receive vital emergency treatment immediately if they suffer a cardiac arrest on school premises, giving them the best possible chance of survival"

READ MORE read sads uk response to the government read the government response

AED Campaign (Automated External Defibrillator)

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SADS UK gains Parliamentary support for defibrillators to be placed in schools.Write to your MP or attend their surgery and ask them to sign their support of EDM 395, Cardiac Arrest in schools. Ask them to back our Campaign by writing to Government urging them to make AED's available in all schools. To get details of you MP see - or ask SADS UK to obtain this for you.


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