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SADS UK works with SADS International as Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS) and cardiac conditions which can lead to SADS is a worldwide concern. The identification, management and treatment of patients affect healthcare workers worldwide. Research underpins understanding of the conditions that can cause SADS if not diagnosed and treated appropriately. SADS UK support research designed to cover all aspects of preventing Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome, expanding beyond the clinical manifestations to encompass the basic science underlying the various conditions. Thanks to research we now know about many of the faulty genes that cause an inherited heart condition. By finding these genes, researchers can produce genetic tests to help find family members also affected by an inherited condition (targeted screening), however more still needs to be done. SADS UK works with major Heart Hospitals around the country, providing funding for projects that deepen the understanding of cardiac arrhythmia and genetic conditions that can cause SADS, sudden cardiac death. The aim is to prevent tragic premature death and provide important information to better identify and treat individuals and families at risk.

SADS UK works with six Medical Advisors who have experience in the field of Sudden Arrhythmic Death (SAD), sudden cardiac arrest. If you have a question regarding SADS or the death of a loved one please contact SADS UK.

SADS UK held the 1st International SADS Conference in 2002. It brought together eminent cardiologists, pathologists and geneticists to share research and updates from around the globe. Participants included Dr G Michael Vincent, Professor Bill McKenna, Dr Andrew Grace, Dr Elijah Behr, Professor A John Camm, Dr Carlo Napolitano, Dr Vince Paul, Professor Peter Schwartz, Dr Edward Rowland, Katherine Timothy, Dr Mary Sheppard, Pathologist, Alice Lara SADS Foundation, Pamela Husband and Anne Jolly, Founders of Canadian SADS and SADS UK respectively. This most valuable conference was a catalyst for a cascade of SADS conferences debating sudden and unexpected premature death.

SADS UK Conferences have been instrumental in improving understanding and treatment of cardiac conditions that affect the heart rhythm.

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