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International Paediatric Brugada Registry

International Paediatric Brugada Registry: Survey of the Diagnostic approaches around the world

Presently, it is still debated how to correctly diagnose children with Brugada syndrome and how to assess their risk for dangerous arrhythmic events. Many different strategies exist around the world. To get an up-to-date picture of diagnostic strategies employed we sent out a survey to all participating centres of the International Paediatric Brugada Registry. The results are now available, showing, on the whole, an increasing consensus on certain diagnostic practises, such as the drug challenge testing, and a strong increase in family screening. Genetic testing is becoming increasingly important and is widely used. However, much has still to be learned, before we can interpret many of these results with certainty.

The International Paediatric Brugada Registry strives to provide data to fill this gap in knowledge. In 2024 the first big datasets will be ready for analysis.

SADS UK are pleased to have provided funding to support this vital research.

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