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SADS UK welcomes stories from members about their experiences, loss, grief and how SADS, sudden cardiac death has affected them. Sharing our stories with others can be healing and many people benefit from knowing they are not alone in suffering a loss.

With a sudden loss there is just no time to mentally prepare for what life would be like without a loved one in it. While it may be incredibly painful, we need to take time to reconcile in our minds what has happened, to try to make sense of something that seems to makes no sense. People need to be given an opportunity to talk about their loved one and assimilate what has happened, to speak or write about their unbelievable and devastating loss.

The disbelief lasts longer than we’d think. The direction our life took, the things that were supposed to happen that didn’t or never will.

In loss, it’s about finding those with whom we have our grief in common. It’s about finding those who will listen to our story and show us that we’re not alone. Sharing your story can help…


We have a memorial gallery to people who have died from SADS, sent by parents, spouses, siblings and friends, along with their heartfelt tributes. Click on the image to read their touching tributes. If you would like to include a photo and tribute please email a high-resolution photo along with tribute wording. Alternatively you may send a photo to SADS UK to be scanned. We will return your photo.


Here we have a touching collection of poetry written by the families and loved ones of those whose lives have been tragically cut short.

If you would like to contribute to this page please email us.


Calling Owls

Book of poetry by Lin Baldwin

Life without Colin

Book by Angela Morris

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