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Statement from SADS UK - Government Announcement that State-Funded Schools across England will receive Defibrillators

July 18, 2022

SADS UK’s work will continue apace in supporting schools with their defibrillator maintenance to ensure each defibrillator is always rescue ready and that school sites have the necessary number of defibrillators needed for their size and layout.  The charity has placed many defibrillators in schools to date and supports each school with training for staff and pupils on how to administer CPR and use the defibrillator; together with ongoing maintenance support for the pads and batteries for each defibrillator.  Every day our Defibrillator Team receive many enquiries from the general public and schools regarding their defibrillator and we pride ourselves on being able to respond to their needs, whether its organising new pads and battery, or questions about the defibrillator itself.

SADS UK ensures that each defibrillator we place is registered with “The Circuit” a national database of defibrillators.  When an emergency 999 call is received the call handler can signpost the rescuer to the nearest defibrillator at the same time as immediately despatching an ambulance to the incident.  CPR and early defibrillation saves lives and time is of the essence when someone suffers a cardiac arrest so it is vital that a defibrillator’s location is known, is quickly accessible, well maintained and rescue ready.

Many schools and communities that place a defibrillator through SADS UK choose to install their defibrillator in a SADS UK cabinet on an outside wall to enable the defibrillator to be available 24 hours 7 days a week to help save lives in a cardiac arrest emergency whether that’s in the school or in the community.

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