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Latest News

InXpress Gives Back Scheme Places Lifesaving Defibrillator through SADS UK

When the InXpress Gives Back Committee asked if anyone knew of any causes the franchise network could support, SADS UK member Lisa Savage suggested supporting SADS UK by providing an accessible defibrillator to help save lives.  

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SADS UK supporting first of its kind unit launched to promote heart education in rural North Wales

SADS UK are pleased to partner with the Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board and Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust funding PADS Officer Tomos Hughes for the first years of the project and continuing to support the Welsh initiative to help save lives.  Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) launched a brand new Mobile Cardiology Unit at Llyn Brenig. It is part of a wider project between SADS UK, the Health Board and the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust.

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Lifesaving Project in Wales has been hailed a success

A life-saving project which is a partnership between the Health Board, the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust and SADS UK to provide access to hundreds of defibrillators across North Wales and teach people how to respond to a cardiac arrest has been hailed a success.  Starting cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and using a defibrillator before the arrival of an ambulance increases the chance of survival from a cardiac arrest significantly.

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Lifesaving Defibrillator Donated In Memory of Carli Lansley

SADS UK is pleased to be working with Karl Lansley to assist the Carli Lansley Foundation by providing defibrillators in the community to save lives in memory of Carli Lansley who tragically passed away in June 2017, aged 36.

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Lifesaving Defibrillator Donated In Memory of Joe Spooner

SADS UK is pleased that a lifesaving defibrillator has been placed at Abbots Farm Infants School. 

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