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SADS UK National Lifesaver Defibrillator Awards, Royal College of Nursing, Saturday October 18th 2014

December 10, 2019


From left to right back John Jolly SADS UK, Dr Hilary Jones, Dr Carl Gwinnutt Vice Chair Resuscitation Council (UK), front, Karen Gwinnutt, Martin Lillis and Anne Jolly SADS UK

The cardiac charity SADS UK hold the annual National Lifesaver Defibrillator Awards Dinner in London to honour people in the community who have used CPR and the defibrillator to save lives.  Over the six years that the awards have been running, people from all walks of life have received acknowledgement for the lifesaving action they have taken. The charity has been privileged to have the support of Professor Douglas Chamberlain, leading light in emergency care, The Resuscitation council (UK), College of Paramedics, cardiologists and representatives from NHS Ambulance Trusts from around the country.

The media are keen to cover the National Lifesaver Defibrillator Awards and SADS UK believes articles showing how people in the community have saved lives raises awareness with the general public and encourages other people who may witness a cardiac arrest to take immediate lifesaving action.

This year SADS UK invited Dr Hilary Jones of ITV's 'Good Morning Britain' to the event and he presented the Lifesaver Awards after the celebratory meal.

Anne Jolly, founder of SADS UK said,It is a truly humbling experience to meet the award winners who have saved lives and to see how the people they saved are doing so well and enjoying being with their family, grateful for being alive. Two teenage boys spoke about how they were saved at school thanks to their teachers taking lifesaving action and using the defibrillator which was available at the school and a 44 year old cyclist was also saved because of the actions of colleagues and a defibrillator fetched from a nearby estate.


Dr Hilary Jones said, A huge amount still needs to be achieved in raising awareness not just amongst the general public but amongst the medical profession as well. As Health Editor for GMB we do our best to highlight the importance of awareness but all too often the catalyst for a broadcast is another potentially preventable death from SADS and the lack of lifesaving skills and equipment that may have made a difference. That is why we are all here today to carry on the work that needs to be done and to celebrate those people and those efforts which have paved the way.


SADS UK National Lifesaver Defibrillator Award winners along with cardiac arrest survivors along with Dr Hilary Jones and Anne Jolly SADS UK

The event was kindly sponsored by Physio Control (UK)

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