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Sign up to the SADS UK Manifesto to save young lives and gain signatories from your MP, dignitaries and celebrities in your area.

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Join SADS UK in their annual ‘Stride with SADS UK to STOP SADS’

Walk in London’s Hyde Park.


Keep SADS in the media

Highlighting the fact that cardiac conditions can affect all ages, even young people and children is crucial. Make sure health professionals and people our children are entrusted to don’t overlook the signs and symptoms that could indicate a young person is at risk of sudden cardiac death. Distribute ‘The Warning Signs’ (link to Warning Signs leaflet) and SADS UK information leaflets (link to family leaflet) to GPs, Hospitals, schools/school nurses, youth organisations and widely in your community. Tell your story, this is the most powerful way to get your message across and for people to understand the impact of SADS.

The Warning Signs

The public at large and health professionals must be prompted to seek medical advice and evaluate people who show The Warning Signs, or who have a history of cardiac conditions or young sudden death.

Information leaflets

SADS UK provides leaflets to give to your family doctor, school nurse, coroners officer, healthcare professional.

The SADS UK Big Shock Campaign

Urging Government to make defibrillators available in all schools is a very important message to get across. If a child or adult at the school suffers a cardiac arrest the sooner CPR and defibrillation are administered the better the chance of survival. For every minute that passes without defibrillation the chances of survival diminish by 10%. Ask for the SADS UK Big Shock Campaign leaflets to be sent to you to distribute.

Community Public Access Defibrillators (CPADs)

Raise awareness about how important early defibrillation is. In the event of a cardiac arrest emergency every second counts. For every minute without defibrillation the chances of survival diminish by 10%. You may be a sudden cardiac arrest survivor, or a member of the public who understands the need for lifesaving equipment to be readily available in your community. SADS UK can help raise awareness to bring about the installation of a CPAD.

Tell your story

Contact SADS UK if you’d like to speak with the media, TV or newspaper to help raise awareness of SADS. You may wish to also be invited to attend health professionals meetings to provide your viewpoint or tell your story, just let us know. SADS UK holds the Heart to Heart National Conference where supporters can also speak to the audience and get their thoughts and views across to GPs, Cardiologists, ambulance personnel, coroners officers, school nurses, genetic nurses first aid trainers, and other significant people working in the field off SADS and sudden cardiac arrest.

SADS UK Patron Dr Hilary Jones says ‘A huge amount still needs to be achieved in raising awareness not just amongst the general public but amongst the medical profession as well. As Health Editor for GMB we do our best to highlight the importance of awareness but all too often the catalyst for a broadcast is another potentially preventable death from SADS.’

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If you would like to find out more about the STOP SADS Campaign please visit the SADS UK JustGiving Campaign.

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