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SADS UK Statement : 24th January 2023

January 24, 2023

SADS UK campaigning 10 years ago lobbying Government for defibrillators in schools which reached and was supported by millions of people. Anne Jolly MBE spoke with policymakers and subsequently the Department for Education advised schools that they should consider having a defibrillator as part of their First Aid equipment.

SADS UK has helped thousands of schools install this lifesaving equipment, providing CPR and defibrillator training with each provision. On 21st January 2023 the Government announced they would plug the gap for all state-funded schools who didn’t have a defibrillator in place, they will roll out over 20,000 defibrillators to schools during this academic year.

SADS UK continue to work with schools who contact them as well as those the charity has provided with a defibrillator; ensuring the defibrillator is maintained and training is kept up to date.

SADS UK also continues to advise schools regarding the number of defibrillators they should have on site.

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