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SADS UK Fundraising Statement for Covid-19

March 17, 2020

SADS UK relies heavily on our fundraisers to help the charity in our aims to save lives due to sudden cardiac death. We thank you for your support creating your own event or taking part in organised events to raise funds for SADS UK.

Currently the world is in an unprecedented situation grappling with a global pandemic of Covid-19. Public Health is of paramount importance to the charity.

It is possible that organised events may be postponed or cancelled. SADS UK will, of course, let you know the status of these events as information is received.

We ask our fundraisers to let sponsors know that your intention is to compete in the event you have signed up for, or raise funds for the event you intend to hold. However, you should let them know that in these uncertain times there is the possibility that it could be postponed or cancelled and that they will be sponsoring you knowing that there is a risk that you cannot take part, or the event you are holding may not go ahead. We are sure that most sponsors will still be happy to donate to the work of the charity.

SADS UK and our Trustees have taken the decision to assist our fundraisers working positively towards the events during the year until such time that we are advised it should not go ahead as planned.

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