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SADS UK Defibrillators in Schools Campaign reaches twenty five million people

The Cardiac charity SADS UK's Big Shock campaign alerted parents to how few schools have defibrillators(potentially lifesaving equipment) in place.

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The location of all defibrillators should be registered on a National Database

The Government must fund a National Database giving the location of all new or replacement defibrillators installed.

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SADS UK National Lifesaver Defibrillator Awards, Royal College of Nursing, Saturday October 18th 2014

The cardiac charity SADS UK hold the annual National Lifesaver Defibrillator Awards Dinner in London to honour people in the community who have used CPR and the defibrillator to save lives.

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Community Public Access Defibrillators

SADS UK is providing external heated cabinets at good prices to increase Community Public Access Defibrillation.

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Defibrillator Signposts

Studies show that the public are often not aware of where the nearest defibrillator is should a cardiac arrest occur.

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Clarification on Defibrillators

SADS UK is not responsible for any Community Public Access Defibrillator

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