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Thousands reach out for help after ‘brave’ teenager’s ‘inspiring’ documentary

May 26, 2021

THE BBC documentary that followed Frome teenager Patrick Mead as he learnt more about Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS), has inspired thousands to reach out for more information and help.

‘Sudden Death: My Sister’s Silent Killer’ shared the story of Patrick, who is learning to live with his grief for his sister, Lauren, who died suddenly in her sleep in 2019 at the age of 19 – her death was registered as SADS.

Such an unexpected premature loss leaves people devastated and bewildered. SADS UK supports bereaved members as it is important for people to be given an opportunity to talk about their loved one and assimilate what has happened, to speak or write about their unbelievable and devastating loss.

Our mission is to prevent such tragedies by funding research into SADS.  Thanks to research we now know about many of the faulty genes that cause an inherited cardiac condition.  By finding these genes, researchers can produce genetic tests to help find family members also affected by an inherited condition.  But more still needs to be done.  SADS UK works with major Heart Hospitals around the country, providing funding for projects that deepen the understanding of cardiac arrhythmia and genetic conditions that cause SADS, sudden cardiac death and ‘The Warning Signs’ where these may be shown.

Many of Lauren’s family and friends continue to support SADS UK and we thank them for helping to raise awareness and funds for SADS UK in memory of Lauren. 

Read the article published in the Frome Times on 27th February 2021 here : Thousands reach out for help after ‘brave’ teenager’s ‘inspiring’ documentary | Frome Times

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