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Stride with SADS UK in Hyde Park, London to raise awareness and funds to STOP SADS on Sunday May 8th 2022. Find out more here

Latest News

All Schools should have defibrillators to restart the Heart

An Early Day Motion was tabled in Parliament in 2007 on behalf of SADS congratulating the charity with their lifesaving work and urging Government to bring forward a strategy to make defibrillators available on all school premises

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Basic life support should be taught in Schools

SADS is backing the BHF Campaign and Resuscitation Council (UK) initiative urging Emergency Life Support Skills to be put on the Schools National Curriculum.

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SADS UK Annual National Defibrillator Lifesavers Awards

SADS honour people in the community who have saved lives by the prompt use of basic life support skills and applying defibrillation.

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SADS UK Defibrillators in Schools Campaign reaches twenty five million people

The Cardiac charity SADS UK's Big Shock campaign alerted parents to how few schools have defibrillators(potentially lifesaving equipment) in place.

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