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Stride with SADS UK in Hyde Park, London to raise awareness and funds to STOP SADS on Sunday May 8th 2022. Find out more here

City of Peterborough Swimming Club

December 10, 2019

Every year scores of people join Ian and Evelyn and together with their son Steve who plays drums in the group Copperface Jack, they pay tribute to a wonderful daughter and sister Suzanne Duffy who died prematurely of SADS. Band members give freely of their time, as do Ian and Evelyn who host the event, providing an amazing buffet and barbecue for those who attend and donate funds to SADS UK. Funds raised have provided research into SADS and lifesaving defibrillators in the community, most recently to the City of Peterborough Swimming Club.

SADS UK, Suite 6, Churchill House, Horndon Park, West Horndon, Essex CM13 3XD.
Email: [email protected]
Tel 01277 811215

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