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Stride with SADS UK in Hyde Park, London to raise awareness and funds to STOP SADS on Sunday May 8th 2022. Find out more here

BHF Staying Alive Summertime Ball Saturday June 8th 2013

December 10, 2019

On behalf of the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and SADS UK I would like to tell you about an event that a group of volunteers are running to raise funds.

On June 8th 2013 BHF and SADS UK are holding a Summertime Ball to raise funds to help save some of the lives lost to heart and circulatory disease, the biggest killer in the UK. Sadly even young people and children can die from Sudden Cardiac arrest (SCA) as it prevents the normal circulation of the blood due to the heart failing to contract effectively.

Fabrice Muamba, the Bolton Footballer suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and a defibrillator was applied immediately, he was lucky this was available as it was the first prompt action needed in order to save his life. Contact Sara Harris for further information about booking a table at the Summertime Ball or donating a prize.
Tel 07742 816847 email [email protected]

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