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Home AED in School Campaign: ‘Heartsafe Schools’
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You may well have seen our campaign to bring defibrilators to schools recently on the news


Make your school Heartsafe by having a defibrillator on school premises 

Sadly children and young people can suffer sudden cardiac arrest, as well as the older population.

Medical experts believe many children could be saved if a defibrillator is used within minutes of collapse. However, there is currently no national system in place in the UK to ensure defibrillators are on school premises. SADS UK are working to make defibrillators in schools mandatory.

Protect your children by making a defibrillator available on school premises to restart the heart if a pupil or teacher suffers sudden cardiac arrest.

Lealands School, Luton
Photo by kind permission of Luton News

The defibrillator alerts you to call the emergency services who will respond immediately but in the meantime vital lifesaving action can be taken to give the person the best possible chance of survival. We will arrange for the ambulance service to help with training.

The cardiac charity SADS UK works with local ambulance services and global leaders in external defibrillation to provide a comprehensive package for busy schools to install a defibrillator on their premises.

Make the first step by contacting SADS UK or downloading the "Schools Defibrillator Pack"

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How Would our School get a Defibrillator?

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Disclaimer: The primary purpose of this website is for general guidance; those concerned about health issues should speak to their GP for further advice.
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