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Supporting SADS UK is easy, the charity helps you every step of the way. 
SADS UK Registered charity number 1113681 

Memorial Fund

You may wish the charity to set up a memorial fund in memory of a loved one to fund cardiac equipment locally, just let us know. The charity also has the facility to set up a memorial web-page with a photo of your loved one and the facility for people to donate on-line, as well as by post if they wish.

Let SADS UK know if your community may like to get together to raise funds for cardiac equipment in your area.

Raising Awareness

Keep SADS in the media - Highlighting the fact that cardiac conditions can affect young people is crucial. Help SADS UKs campaign by keeping SADS in the media. Make sure health professionals and people our children are entrusted to don’t overlook cases of SADS. Distribute information leaflets in your community.


SADS UK relies heavily on fundraising and grants. With the economic climate being tricky and grant makers trying to assist more charities, fundraising is more important than ever to help the charity in their aims to save lives. The charity has been staggered by the generosity of supporters and members who have given their time to help others.


SADS UK is supported by high profile celebrities in a variety of professions who have been impacted by SADS and want to help the charity save lives.

Our Address

SADS UK, Suite 6, Churchill House,
Horndon Pk
West Horndon
CM13 3XD


Disclaimer: The primary purpose of this website is for general guidance; those concerned about health issues should speak to their GP for further advice.
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