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The Warning Signs PDF Print E-mail

 Cardiac risk in the young should be considered, even in children, as well as the older population

"The Warning Signs"

  You faint or have an apparent seizure during physical activity, especially if it happens repeatedly

You faint or have an apparent seizure during emotional excitement, distress, startle or on arousal from sleep

 You have consistent or unusual chest paint and/or abnormal shortness of breath during exercise and dizziness

 You have a family history of a premature death of an apparently healthy person (under age 40)

If you feel that you have have a heart condition please speak to a medical professional, more information on the warning signs and what you might say to a GP can be found in our leaflet here.


Disclaimer: The primary purpose of this website is for general guidance; those concerned about health issues should speak to their GP for further advice.
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