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Professor William McKenna               Dr A John Camm               Dr Mary Sheppard

Professor William McKenna, Professor John Camm and Dr Mary Sheppard presented at the 1st International SADS Conference hosted by SADS UK, initiating a cascade of conferences debating sudden and unexpected young cardiac death.

Extract from the SADS Foundation 2001 by Dr G. Michael Vincent, M.D

  • The national cardiac charity SADS UK holds the annual national Heart to Heart Conference to provide information and updates on SADS related conditions. This is followed by the annual National Lifesaver Defibrillator Awards hosted by the charity.
  • SADS UK holds a seminar at the Lifeconnections Congress to provide information to emergency care personnel.
  • Bereavement Retreats are held in February each year to help provide comfort to the Bereaved.
  • Short breaks are held for families living with cardiac conditions, so that they may meet other families who may be living with the same of similar condition.
  • The charity holds fundraising events, with the 5K Big Fun Run for families in different cities throughout the country. There are also running events for more serious runners, including the Liverpool Marathon.

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