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Buying tickets for the SADS UK block on April 1st means you will be part of a crowd of 20,000 people who will celebrate the extraordinary achievements of people taking part in Gold Challenge with Team GB legends, celebrities, charities and sporting champions. There will be entertaining celebrity races, music and dance as part of the show. This is a unique opportunity to be among the first people in the Olympic Stadium ahead of London 2012, get into the Olympic Park and start the celebrations for what will be the Greatest Show on Earth.

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Soul Singer Lemar endorses speedy defibrillation to save lives, along with Ray Quinn, Leona Lewis and Rhydian, who urge people to support SADS UK

Chief Coroner Reported to be Reinstated PDF Print E-mail

SADS UK Responded to the Public Bodies Bill and the draft charter for the current coroner service.

BBC News UK Politics has reported that the position of Chief Coroner is to be re-instated.

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke said he had ‘listened and reflected on the concerns’.

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