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Preventing premature sudden death

The cardiac charity SADS UK aims to save lives, providing information, funding research and medical equipment to prevent premature sudden cardiac death. Working in the areas of Research, Prevention and Emergency Care lives have been saved as a direct result of the work of SADS UK.

SADS UK highlights the fact that young people and even children can be affected by potentially fatal cardiac conditions. SADS UK was granted international affiliate status to the SADS Foundation, Utah in December 2000 and works with SADS organisations overseas.

Education and provision of cardiac equipment

SADS UK empowers medical establishments and organisations by providing information and cardiac equipment including:-

  • Heart monitors to identify abnormalities of the heart rhythm to medical establishments.
  • Defibrillators to schools, sports clubs, etc., to restart the heart in an emergency situation and sustain life until the ambulance arrives.  

SADS UK promotes teaching of ‘The Warning Signs’ by medical and first aid training schools and distributes these to youth organisations and widely in the community to help identify people at risk so that they may be treated.

SADS UK holds annual national conferences to educate and provide information and updates. 

Projects with lifesaving potential

The charity will set up a memorial fund or a community fund and help you every step of the way to:-

  • Place a defibrillator in their community
  • Provide heart monitoring to a surgery or hospital
  • Raise funds to support research into SADS (Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome)
  • Support Pathology
  • Support SADS UK annual National conferences

SADS information and support

Providing information and supporting individuals and families affected by cardiac conditions or a sudden cardiac death is a very important part of the work of the charity. The charity has:-

  • BACP qualified counsellors which experience of SADS.
  • Support contacts in different parts of the country offer support to people affected.
  • Young people’s newsletter and friendship support for 10 years and above
  • Short breaks for individuals and families living with cardiac conditions
  • Get-together ‘Retreats’ for people who have been bereaved through a sudden cardiac death

Raising awareness and funds

SADS UK supporters raise awareness and funds through a variety of events. Sponsored runs and skydives are especially popular:-


SADS UK is registered with the professional Skydiving company Skydivezone

For further information see our fundraising section

SADS UK, Suite 6, Churchill House,
Horndon Pk
West Horndon
CM13 3XD

Tel: 01277 811215

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

SADS UK Registered charity number 1113681 


Disclaimer: The primary purpose of this website is for general guidance; those concerned about health issues should speak to their GP for further advice.
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